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Cambo Challenge winners – Mark and Emma

Taking part in an adventure challenge is the experience of a lifetime, but what about being Cambo Challenge winners? Well that’s just the cherry on the top of an incredible trip. Emma and Mark achieved victory in 2015 – this is their story:

Not adventure challenge virgins

One of the things to note about Mark and Emma is that they are no strangers to Large Minority travel expeditions. When they won the Cambo Challenge last year they had already taken part in the Lanka Challenge previously for their honeymoon. Looks like they got the bug and had to come back for more.

Cambo Challenge winners

Certainly a challenge

While the Cambo Challenge is a very rewarding trip to complete, it requires hard work and dedication, which Mark and Emma certainly found. Mark summed up the experience: “Long days in the saddle, but the country is breath-taking and the places we got to are just not accessible by other means.”

What’s the winning formula?

When asked about the techniques they used to become Cambo Challenge winners, Mark and Emma said that the right mindset was important. Deciding that you’ll complete every single task no matter what it is will give you a mental head start.

Then it’s a combination of brain power, map reading and stamina. Mark’s top tip is to always be ready with the camera – the picture challenges are worth a lot of points. Something to consider if you’re taking part in a tuk tuk rally in 2016.

Winning the Cambo Challenge

The whole adventure challenge experience is an adrenaline filled rollercoaster, but it’s really something when you get to the end. There’s bound to be lots of emotions, ranging from a huge sense of achievement to being absolutely shattered. When talking about winning the Cambo Challenge, Mark simply said: “What a party!”

Cambo Challenge winners

Highlights of an incredible adventure

There are so many elements that make the Cambo Challenge special, but those that remain in the memory for Mark include:

  • Driving out of Phnom Penh in the morning rush hour on a tuk tuk slightly hungover, making the daily commute look a bit lame.
  • Sleeping in a fabulous temple under the stars in the middle of nowhere.
  • Making kites and flying them with children who had nothing but the biggest smiles in the world.
  • Raising sponsorship for the homeless in Birmingham and helping local charities on the ground.

Charity challenges in Cambodia benefit not just those who take part, but the local population in-country. Responsible travel doesn’t get much better than that.

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