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5 wicked facts on our adventure challenges

If you’re thinking about which adventure challenges to do, you might want to check out some of Large Minority’s wicked facts. We’ve sent thousands of people to Asia to experience the trip of a lifetime and come back with awesome stories to tell. This is the big picture, but what about the stats behind these life-changing journeys? Check out some wicked facts on our adventure challenges.

Since 2009, Large Minority has:

1. Surpassed 10,000 kilometres on the Lanka Challenge

Seem like a long way? When you consider its been achieved by people just like you on tuk tuk road trips, then it’s really quite an accomplishment. And it’s not just the kilometres travelled, but the adventures along the way that make the Lanka Challenge what it is – quite simply the most awesome tuk tuk adventure in Sri Lanka!

2. Planted more than 2,000 trees in Sri Lanka

Wicked facts on our adventure challenges

As well as minimising the impact our adventure travel challenges have on the countries we visit, Large Minority is also proactive about improving the environment. This means planting trees and so far over 2,000 have been sown by our participants in Sri Lanka alone. Help us make this more.

3. Raised over $54,000 towards meaningful travel initiatives

Ten percent of what you pay to take part in Large Minority challenges goes to meaningful travel initiatives. Through the Lanka Challenge alone this has led to in excess of $54,000, or a whopping £37,956, going to good causes – you guys rock!

Meanwhile on the Cambo Challenge:

4. 25,000 litres of Angkor beer have been drunk

Wicked facts on our adventure challenges

All of the beer drunk on the Cambo Challenge represents good times shared with new friends; a reward for a long day’s driving; and much-needed money going back into the local economy. It’s not just beer – it’s so much more.

5. 25 karaoke nights enjoyed

Karaoke is a big thing in Cambodia and nothing lets you mingle with the locals better than belting out a few hits. We recommend you start practicing your best Staying Alive rendition ready for whichever global adventure challenge you pick, because 25 is just the beginning.

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