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Top 3 reasons to travel by Tuk Tuk

There are many ways to travel and discover new destinations. While most people have tried conventional modes of transport, only a few have had a chance to travel by tuk tuk. Why travel by tuk tuk you ask? Well quite simply, because it’s the most liberating, adventurous and unique way to explore a new country. Read on for the top 3 reasons to travel by tuk tuk.

Tuk Tuk Travel Lanka Challenge

Why ride in a three-wheeler or rickshaw?

1. It’s the vehicle of the people

Having originated in India, the reliable Bajaj three-wheeler rickshaw or tuk tuk is an affordable, durable, and low maintenance transport solution. Its a popular mode of urban transport primarily in Asia and Africa.

The tuk tuk is a very versatile vehicle which can be used as a taxi, to transport goods, and even as a bakery on wheels. More than a mode of transport, it is a breadwinning tool for most families.

Top 3 reasons to travel by Tuk Tuk

2. It’s liberating

Traveling in a tuk tuk enhances your senses as you’re not confined by windows and doors. Tuk tuk travel allows you to smell local delicacies being cooked roadside, feel the wind in your hair, enjoy unobstructed views, hear the city buzzing, and grab a bite on the go.

Perhaps the most liberating aspect of riding in a tuk tuk is having the freedom to choose where to stop. More frequent stops, mean more local interaction and usually more travel stories to share. If you’re driving yourself, it’s entirely up to you to decide how often to stop which is indeed liberating for a change.

3. It’s adventurous and fun to drive

Traveling by tuk tuk means that you can explore more remote, off-the-beaten-path places. The humble steed is by far the most awkward yet enjoyable drive ever designed. A tuk tuk can adapt to almost every single surface, climate, situation, idiotic driver and use (or abuse on certain occasions). A tuk tuk is a cross between a car and a scooter, so clutch control is key. If you´ve driven a scooter or motorbike before it will come easy, but just remember that no matter what – size does matter on the road. Especially when driving on daunting roads in Asia!

Tuk tuks’ don’t come equipped with GPS’, so it’s a great opportunity to go ‘back to basics’. Asking locals for directions, navigating with a paper roadmap or getting lost is always a lot more fun. Oh and giving free rides to locals, including Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka, is definitively a must!

Top 3 reasons to travel by Tuk Tuk

As a foreigner, one can only feel proud when traveling in ‘the vehicle of the people’, especially when driving one. It is indeed a privilege that amuses locals and allows you to connect with them in a very unique way. If you would like to try your luck behind the wheel of a Bajaj tuk tuk, don’t miss the Lanka Challenge in Sri Lanka.

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