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Amazon Jungle Adventure

Amazon Jungle Adventure, What’s it All About?

What is this Amazon Jungle Adventure all about? The Large Minority Amazon Jungle Adventure Challenge is about taking a step out of the mundane everyday and plunging into a life-changing adventure. It’s trekking through jungle and rainforest under the watchful eyes of the local wildlife. It’s kayaking along rivers and spending time immersed in a […]

Philippines Sailing Challenge adventure

5 tips to help you win the Philippines Sailing Challenge

How to win the Philippines Sailing Challenge. The inaugural Philippines Sailing Challenge is just around the corner. So for those lucky pioneers who’re joining us for this adventure of a lifetime, we thought we’d throw together 5 tips to help you win the Philippines Sailing Challenge. That’s not to say it matters if you win or […]

Charity Challenge Fundraising events

Charity challenge Fundraising 101

In a way, every Large Minority challenge is a charity challenge. Right from the start, we knew we wanted to be about more than crazy adventures and Sri Lankan chili crab (although the crab is still pretty important). We wanted to be a responsible travel company. That’s why 10% of every trip we sell goes […]

Media Large Minority Daily Telegraph

What is a Rickshaw?

Everything you need to know about the rickshaw. Good question. What is a Rickshaw? You can Google Image ‘rickshaw’ but to be honest you’ll just get a lot of pictures of muscly old men pulling two-seater carriages. And yeah, those are rickshaws too. But when we use the word ‘rickshaw’ we’re referring to something pretty […]

adventure trips

Adventure trips Large minority style

What makes our adventure trips adventurous? For a lot of travel companies, what makes adventure trips adventurous is turning up in a North Face jacket and rolling the dice with some questionable buffet meat. But if that’s the most fun we can have with adventure – especially in an age where hoverboards are a thing – we […]

Adventure challengers reunite in London

Former Large Minority adventure challengers, travel bloggers and just about anyone intrigued by the prospect of awesome experiences converged on London last week. The Road Trip Bar in Shoreditch was the scene of this epic reunion on Friday (April 15th), with some challengers even making it all the way from Denmark to join in the fun. Reggae […]

Sri Lanka Travel Information

Sri Lanka travel information

It’s undeniable that driving a tuk tuk around Sri Lanka is likely to be an experience that you’ll never forget. But what about this island country off the Indian subcontinent? It’s a destination with so much to offer, it’s worth taking a closer look at the place and what you might expect to find when […]