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Philippines Sailing Challenge adventure

5 tips to help you win the Philippines Sailing Challenge

How to win the Philippines Sailing Challenge. The inaugural Philippines Sailing Challenge is just around the corner. So for those lucky pioneers who’re joining us for this adventure of a lifetime, we thought we’d throw together 5 tips to help you win the Philippines Sailing Challenge. That’s not to say it matters if you win or […]

Travel Cambodia

Travel Cambodia. What makes Cambodia so awesome?

Travel Cambodia. Ask anyone when they travel Cambodia and they’ll tell you: it’s basically South East Asia twenty years ago. While the southern islands of Thailand have been overrun by Bintang singlets and drunk Australians (thanks, Leonardo DiCaprio), Cambodia has been fortunate enough not to star in any big Hollywood blockbusters (Tomb Raider doesn’t count). […]

Amazon Travel Challenge

Amazon Travel Challenge: your jungle adventure

What to expect on our Amazon Jungle Adventure Challenge. It’s wilderness straight out of an Attenborough documentary, named after female warriors and representing more than half the planet’s remaining rainforest: The Amazon. For centuries it’s attracted explorers, travellers and the merely badly lost. Sometimes for the lure of Inca gold, sometimes for hidden tribes or […]

adventure trips

Adventure trips Large minority style

What makes our adventure trips adventurous? For a lot of travel companies, what makes adventure trips adventurous is turning up in a North Face jacket and rolling the dice with some questionable buffet meat. But if that’s the most fun we can have with adventure – especially in an age where hoverboards are a thing – we […]

How to come up with an awesome team name

How to come up with an awesome team name

We’re sure you’ve seen the pictures of people hurtling around Sri Lanka in a tuk tuk by now. And you’ve probably decided you’ve got what it takes to complete an adventure challenge of your own. Guts, determination, ingenuity, a sense of humour and a little bit of the old crazy gene. Once you’ve got your […]

Adventure challengers reunite in London

Former Large Minority adventure challengers, travel bloggers and just about anyone intrigued by the prospect of awesome experiences converged on London last week. The Road Trip Bar in Shoreditch was the scene of this epic reunion on Friday (April 15th), with some challengers even making it all the way from Denmark to join in the fun. Reggae […]

Sri Lanka Travel Information

Sri Lanka travel information

It’s undeniable that driving a tuk tuk around Sri Lanka is likely to be an experience that you’ll never forget. But what about this island country off the Indian subcontinent? It’s a destination with so much to offer, it’s worth taking a closer look at the place and what you might expect to find when […]

Top 3 reasons to travel by Tuk Tuk

Top 3 reasons to travel by Tuk Tuk

There are many ways to travel and discover new destinations. While most people have tried conventional modes of transport, only a few have had a chance to travel by tuk tuk. Why travel by tuk tuk you ask? Well quite simply, because it’s the most liberating, adventurous and unique way to explore a new country. […]

Philippines unmissable dishes

Philippines unmissable dishes

While many people have tried various types of Asian cuisine, including Thai and Vietnamese, the chances are you’ll never have chowed down on any Filipino dishes before visiting the country. Have no fear, a combination of influences throughout history and the fact that the nation is made up of islands has led to a varied […]