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BBC Top Gear Coincides with Lanka Challenge 10 Year Anniversary

BBC Top Gear Coincides with Lanka Challenge 10 Year Anniversary 18 February 2019: Responsible travel company Large Minority celebrates 10 years of high-octane fun in their flagship destination Sri Lanka with 10% early bird discounts and 10% donations to local charities. Adventure lovers from all over the globe can now hit Top Gear on the […]

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Life-changing trips

Life-changing trips: stories from our previous challengers. When you go on a genuinely life-changing trip, you don’t come back the same person. You’re usually stronger, more confident, and are rocking a pretty excellent tan. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true: when you venture out, good things happen. That’s what life-changing trips are all about! […]

4 active vacations for adventure seekers

4 active vacations for adventure seekers

Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Philippines & Peruvian Amazon People think adventure seekers are all adrenaline junkies, but we’ve found most of them are just looking to shake up their routine. Maybe break out of a rut. Do something surprising or unexpected. Push their boundaries a little. For some people that’s jumping off high things with a GoPro […]

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What is a Rickshaw?

Everything you need to know about the rickshaw. Good question. What is a Rickshaw? You can Google Image ‘rickshaw’ but to be honest you’ll just get a lot of pictures of muscly old men pulling two-seater carriages. And yeah, those are rickshaws too. But when we use the word ‘rickshaw’ we’re referring to something pretty […]

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Sri Lanka travel Bucket List

Top 5 reasons why you should travel to Sri Lanka. India gets a lot of the subcontinent travel hype, and justifiably so. It’s pretty freaking amazing. But when it came time to plan one of our original travel challenges, way back in the mists of time, we chose Sri Lanka. Why? Because we knew this place […]

Adventure challengers reunite in London

Former Large Minority adventure challengers, travel bloggers and just about anyone intrigued by the prospect of awesome experiences converged on London last week. The Road Trip Bar in Shoreditch was the scene of this epic reunion on Friday (April 15th), with some challengers even making it all the way from Denmark to join in the fun. Reggae […]

5 types of people on your adventure challenge

Everyone gets something different out of doing an adventure challenge, but one thing will unite you all – friendship. All kinds of adventure seekers take part in Large Minority trips and we reckon there are at least five profiles that will match those that you meet. So whether you fit in with the adrenaline junkies […]

5 wicked facts on our adventure challenges

If you’re thinking about which adventure challenges to do, you might want to check out some of Large Minority’s wicked facts. We’ve sent thousands of people to Asia to experience the trip of a lifetime and come back with awesome stories to tell. This is the big picture, but what about the stats behind these life-changing journeys? […]

Sri Lanka Travel Information

Sri Lanka travel information

It’s undeniable that driving a tuk tuk around Sri Lanka is likely to be an experience that you’ll never forget. But what about this island country off the Indian subcontinent? It’s a destination with so much to offer, it’s worth taking a closer look at the place and what you might expect to find when […]

Top 3 reasons to travel by Tuk Tuk

Top 3 reasons to travel by Tuk Tuk

There are many ways to travel and discover new destinations. While most people have tried conventional modes of transport, only a few have had a chance to travel by tuk tuk. Why travel by tuk tuk you ask? Well quite simply, because it’s the most liberating, adventurous and unique way to explore a new country. […]