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LM Podcast

The Large Minority Podcast – Tuk-Tuk Adventures and Travel stories

Yes, that’s right, we are delighted to say we’ve started our very own podcast, and we would love it if you dropped in for a listen. What is Large Minority all about? What is a tuk-tuk adventure? Why do we love tuk-tuks so much and why do we think they are such amazing vehicles and […]

COMPETITION- Win a Adventure Challenge

Win an AMAZING ½ price ADVENTURE CHALLENGE with a friend in either the Amazon or Sri Lanka! So, either you or your teammate goes free!** It’s Competition time! A life-changing Adventure is guaranteed with a bucket full of crazy memories… undertaking awesome challenges in either a Rickshaw or a Kayak… Question is, are you feeling more […]

Adventure Holidays

Philippines travel – why is it so amazing?

Why is traveling to the Philippines so amazing? The list of reasons why you should consider Philippines travel is practically endless. Firstly, the Philippines is one of the largest and most gorgeous collection of islands in the world. We’re talking over 7,100 individual islands with crystal-clear, turquoise-coloured waters, and smooth white sands that are home […]

Philippines Sailing Challenge

Meet our Philippines Sailing Challenge Champions

Philippines Sailing Challenge Champions. Mo and Amy: Team California Love 2 Our first ever Philippines Sailing Challenge was a rip-roaring, wave-riding, rum-drinking success. But don’t take out word for it – find out what our Philippines Sailing Challenge Champions (our king and queen of the high seas), Amy and Mo of team California Love 2 – […]

Cambo Challenge tuk tuk challenge

Here’s why you need to see Cambodia by tuk tuk

Why drive around Cambodia…in a tuk tuk? If you haven’t been to Cambodia yourself, you’ve probably got friends who’ve been. And if your friends haven’t been, they’ve probably got friends who’ve been. What you probably haven’t got, however, is friends who’ve travelled around Cambodia in a tuk tuk (your friends probably don’t have friends who’ve […]

Philippines Sailing Challenge adventure

5 tips to help you win the Philippines Sailing Challenge

How to win the Philippines Sailing Challenge. The inaugural Philippines Sailing Challenge is just around the corner. So for those lucky pioneers who’re joining us for this adventure of a lifetime, we thought we’d throw together 5 tips to help you win the Philippines Sailing Challenge. That’s not to say it matters if you win or […]

Amazon Challenge jungle adventure

5 reasons why adventures are good for you

Are adventures good for you? 5 reasons why adventures are good for you: It’s no secret that adventures, and travel in general, make you feel good. What’s not so commonly known is adventures don’t just make you feel good, they’re actually good for you. A good sojourn – whether it’s a few weeks overseas, a weekend […]

Cambo Challenge tuk tuk Cambodia

Life-changing trips

Life-changing trips: stories from our previous challengers. When you go on a genuinely life-changing trip, you don’t come back the same person. You’re usually stronger, more confident, and are rocking a pretty excellent tan. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true: when you venture out, good things happen. That’s what life-changing trips are all about! […]

Epic adventure destinations

Epic adventure destinations

Epic adventure destinations – Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Philippines, Amazon. What makes an adventure destination suitably ‘epic’? For starters, it helps if it’s a long way away. People automatically associate distance with daring, and if you casually drop ‘Oh yeah, I’m hitting up the Peruvian Amazon for my vacation this year, how about you?’ into the conversation, […]

Philippines sailing adventure

Why sign up for a Philippines sailing adventure?

Philippines sailing adventure. It’s hard to compare the Philippines to its neighbors. Sure, anything in the South China Sea is going to look like a postcard of paradise, whether it’s a Nha Trang beach or the jungle coast of Sabah, but there’s something special about the Philippines, especially for the ultimate Philippines sailing adventure. For […]