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Adventure Travel Challenge

How to win an adventure travel challenge?

Adventure travel challenge guide. If you’ve watched the Amazing Race, you’ll have a pretty good idea what it takes to win a travel challenge. But a Large Minority adventure travel challenge isn’t quite the same. There’s no annoying presenter for one thing. And you don’t need to be some sort of ass-kicking Indiana Jones-type Super […]

5 things to expect: Cambo Challenge adventure

Cambo Challenge adventure ready? The Cambo Challenge adventure is an epic charity event designed by Large Minority to give you an experience that you’ll never forget. Travelling more than 1,000 kilometres in this incredible country, you’re bound to have the time of your life. But if you’re still undecided about signing up, read on to find […]

adventure trips

Adventure trips Large minority style

What makes our adventure trips adventurous? For a lot of travel companies, what makes adventure trips adventurous is turning up in a North Face jacket and rolling the dice with some questionable buffet meat. But if that’s the most fun we can have with adventure – especially in an age where hoverboards are a thing – we […]

Adventure challengers reunite in London

Former Large Minority adventure challengers, travel bloggers and just about anyone intrigued by the prospect of awesome experiences converged on London last week. The Road Trip Bar in Shoreditch was the scene of this epic reunion on Friday (April 15th), with some challengers even making it all the way from Denmark to join in the fun. Reggae […]

Large minority trips: the perfect honeymoon adventure

We’ve recently done a bit of science (and maths) and proven that Large Minority trips – be it the Cambo Challenge, Lanka Challenge or Philippines Sailing Challenge – are the perfect honeymoon adventure. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like navigating a tuk tuk 1200kms around a foreign country whilst dressed as a giraffe. After all the work […]

5 types of people on your adventure challenge

Everyone gets something different out of doing an adventure challenge, but one thing will unite you all – friendship. All kinds of adventure seekers take part in Large Minority trips and we reckon there are at least five profiles that will match those that you meet. So whether you fit in with the adrenaline junkies […]

5 wicked facts on our adventure challenges

If you’re thinking about which adventure challenges to do, you might want to check out some of Large Minority’s wicked facts. We’ve sent thousands of people to Asia to experience the trip of a lifetime and come back with awesome stories to tell. This is the big picture, but what about the stats behind these life-changing journeys? […]

Cambo Challenge Tuk Tuk adventure

Adventure challenge or regular holiday?

Here at Large Minority we think our adventure challenges are pretty awesome, but understand a few of you might need a little convincing. Why go on a regular, average holiday when you can instead take an adventure challenge and spend all your time completing crazy tasks, learning new skills and helping others? Read on to find out exactly […]