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Survivor’s Tips To Tuk-Tuk Driving (Spoiler: Everyone Has Survived)

Here’s some advice from people who have done the Lanka Challenge. Some of them, have even done it again.

Follow their tips, and you’ll not only survive, you’ll love every second.

Winning tips from former Lanka Challenge CHAMPIONS The Lancashire Lasses…

Stressing gets you nowhere, keep smiling and accept help from anyone! It will only cost you a selfie.

Make best friends with the back-up crew, you’re going to need them

Remember that the tuk-tuk has a wheel in the middle…you can’t drive straight over that boulder in the middle of the road.

If you get super duper lost, follow a real life tuk-tuk driver. We don’t think it’s cheating…

EMBRACE the experience, however daunting it may seem.

Professional travel bloggers Adventure In You have this sage advice…

Expect the unexpected and be open to it!

Be patient. Remember it’s not a race but a challenge, so complete the tasks along the journey

Team TukRigg came second last on their challenge, but we still value their opinion…

FORGET normal rules of the road, this is more like dodgems

Learn the odd word in Sinhala or Tamil, it can help you out of a sticky situation. It’s a lot of fun to make friends with locals!

Team Jigglytukk also came second last. But the points is even they survived. Their tips are…

Remember the back of your tuk-tuk is wider than the front. Especially when parking. Because we didn’t.

Don’t be so busy driving that you forget to complete the photo challenge. Like we did.

Don’t hang off the ignition for dear life if you forget what gear you’re in. Keep calm and work it out. This is something we’d do next time.

Family Tukster are full of wise words…

The horn is your friend. Use it. A lot.

Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate. You know how to drive, just do it.

Have fun. You will laugh. You will get lost. You will argue. You might even cry. But this is the trip of a lifetime, enjoy every moment!

Bonus tip: make sure your teammate is fully in the tuk-tuk before you drive off.

The Sri Amigos reckon…

Say yes to everything

Even when you feel you are completely lost, you will be among some of the friendliest people on earth. Plus, you have a phone you can call the mechanics with!

Revel in the fact you’re seeing a country without getting your hand held by a tour guide. If you can’t see the beaten track, you’re probably doing something right.

If you’re lost, wherever you are, another team has usually already been there. Unless you’re first, in which case you have plenty of time to re-orientate.

The Bretts gave us these pearls of wisdom…

Don’t lurk too close to random bodies of water, remember Sri Lanka has crocs!

Same goes for elephants….keep moving.

And if you break down on a busy road, just hop out and move your tuk-tuk to a quiet spot. Deal with the mechanicals away from traffic.

The cool as cucumber Coast Busters said…

Look out for anything bigger than you. Whether it’s a car, truck, bus or elephant, it’s wise to get out of its way…

Fill up with fuel wherever you can, you never know where the adventure might take you.

Make friends with the other teams!

Meanwhile The Neltopians have this sauce on tuk-tuk success…

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to finish the day’s drive. Remember…you’re on holiday. ENJOY it.

If you get lost, just ask anyone and everyone for directions, whether they’re a kid in traffic or an 80-year-old farmer in a field.

So there you have it. Wise words from people who have been there, done it, and got a t-shirt (it’s included).

If you’re still worried, drop us a line. We can always put you in touch with past challengers for a chat and reassurance!