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Here’s why you need to see Cambodia by tuk tuk

Why drive around Cambodia…in a tuk tuk?

If you haven’t been to Cambodia yourself, you’ve probably got friends who’ve been. And if your friends haven’t been, they’ve probably got friends who’ve been. What you probably haven’t got, however, is friends who’ve travelled around Cambodia in a tuk tuk (your friends probably don’t have friends who’ve done it either). Hitting the Cambodian tarmac (and gravel, dirt and sand) is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences people are always banging on about. Here’s why.

Here’s why you need to see Cambodia by tuk tuk

1. It’s a real adventure

Sure, travelling to Cambodia is an adventure. And whilst getting around via overnight buses, trains and other local modes of transport is definitely crazy amounts of fun, it doesn’t really compare to the feeling of driving your very own tuk tuk about the place. Yeah, it sounds a bit daunting. But with a day of training under your belt and a stash of common sense in your brainbox, you’ll be fine. You’ll get to see a side of Cambodia not many tourists do. And for a place that’s only going to see more and more tourists visiting year on year, that’s pretty special.

2. You’ll have more meaningful experiences

 What happens if your tuk tuk breaks down? You ask a local for help. What happens if you get lost? You ask a local for help. What happens if you need a decent meal to replenish those energy levels? You ask a local for help. You get the point. By putting yourself well and truly out of your comfort zone and by visiting places not too many tourists go, you’re forced to engage with local people in a much more authentic way.

3. You’ll have one of the most unique travel experiences of your life

 Most regular visitors to Cambodia do the same (or very similar) things. They visit the same places, eat at the same restaurants, see the same sights and stay at the same hotels. By travelling by tuk tuk, you’ll see and do things you couldn’t even dream up. In our eyes, it’s the unexpected things that really make a travel experience special. And the Cambo Challenge is full of the unexpected.

4. It’s the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure

Because the Cambo Challenge is a team event, you can divvy up the driving responsibilities with your teammates to ensure everyone gets the perfect mix of driving and chilling. Taking control of one of these tuk tuks is a ball, but there’s also something indescribably satisfying about sitting in the back and watching Cambodian countryside, towns and villages roll on by…

5. All the hard work has been done for you!

Organising a trip like this on your own would be a nightmare. Finding a tuk tuk, planning the route, booking the accommodation and arranging your activities are all things that could take weeks to sort out… On the Cambo Challenge, all the boring stuff is taken care of for you. We’ve picked out awesome accommodation, the best camping spots and the most beautiful detours – all you’ve got to do is get in and drive. And use a map from time to time, if you feel like it.