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Sailing adventure for beginners

The Philippines Sailing Challenge is an experience that participants are not likely to forget in a hurry. As well as island hopping around this wonderful corner of Asia, including the start and finish point at Boracay, you will learn skills and make some awesome memories. This makes it the perfect sailing adventure for beginners.

Sailing is a thrilling activity and one you can only understand by taking part, but in order to put your mind at rest, we’ve created a list of some of the things that you never get told about sailing. Here goes!

Sailing has its own language

If you’ve learnt the difference between port and starboard you’re doing well, but be warned, that’s just the beginning. There is a whole different language in the world of sailing, but don’t worry, you’ve got an entire sailing regatta to learn it.

A boat is small, but you can always find your own peace

Sailing adventure for beginners

Despite being a challenge, sailing around the Philippines will leave you much more relaxed than when you started. If you’re concerned about being on a boat with other people for such a long time, you’ll find you can always head to a corner of it and feel the huge expanse of ocean in front of you.

A nautical chart is so much more than a map

Think of yourself as a bit of a back seat boss with A-grade navigational skills? Think again! You’ll need to be using the moon and the stars on this one (not to mention asking your local crew where you’re going). You’ll have water depths, tide predictions and obstructions to think about, but before you know it, they’ll become as familiar as roundabouts and traffic signs.

It will become weird to step on dry land

Sailing adventure for beginners

At first, the motion of the boat on the sea will be strange for those who are new to sailing, but before long it’ll be really natural to feel it pitching a little and swaying. Eventually, it will become the land that feels wrong and you may even find yourself bringing the motion of the sea back to the shore with you – yes, we can see you there, swaying from foot to foot.

On the Philippines Sailing Challenge you’ll have a skipper and a crew

While it’s your challenge and you’ll need the drive to win, you’ll have experts on hand to show you the ropes and make sure everything is enjoyable, and most importantly, safe. That’s no excuse to sit back and cruise your way through the experience, but it does mean you’ll be learning from the best. Sign up for your spot now.

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