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Philippines travel – why is it so amazing?

Why is traveling to the Philippines so amazing?

The list of reasons why you should consider Philippines travel is practically endless. Firstly, the Philippines is one of the largest and most gorgeous collection of islands in the world. We’re talking over 7,100 individual islands with crystal-clear, turquoise-coloured waters, and smooth white sands that are home to a mind-blowingly diverse group of plant an animal life. The amazing Philippines island paradise of your dreams is probably right here. And that’s just the basic stuff. Filipinos are friendly and hospitable, and have created some of the best dishes in the world by blending Mexican, American, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese cuisines. Try Sinigang, a sour, tamarind based soup, fish tinola, or banana ketchup, which is just as magical as it sounds. There’s also adobo with chicken or pork, coconut rum, and some interesting local beers. The Philippines is a unique entity among its surrounding countries. Culturally charming and quirky, while being beautiful and delicious, all at once.

The Philippines are Your Adventure Destination

Sure, there are a few epic adventure destinations on this big, blue planet, but there is nothing at all that compares to a Philippines adventure. While most travellers choose to visit Thailand or Vietnam, the islands of the amazing Philippines are often overlooked, which means unspoiled beaches and incredible dive sites that aren’t filled with tourists. Tropical islands inhabited by hundreds of animal species like monkeys, lizards and tarsiers are ripe for exploration. Lakes, caves, waterfalls, these islands have it all. If you’re looking to escape boring and ordinary while giving your adrenaline and sense of wonder a boost, Philippines travel is one of the best options around.

Philippines Sailing Trips Give You an Amazing Adventure

There are so many special things to be discovered in the Philippines. From each island, each tasty local dish, and every Filipino resident you meet, you’ll stretch yourself far beyond what you’ve already seen and experienced in the world. So, what better way to enjoy this incredible country than an authentic, adrenaline-pumping adventure? Embarking on a Philippines sailing challenge with Large Minority is an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and step onto your own paraw, where you’ll be the captain. If you already know how to sail, excellent. If not, that’s no problem. Your skipper and your crew will help you along as you navigate from one breathtaking island to the next. You’ll climb a coconut tree. You’ll fish for your dinner. You’ll complete both sea and island based challenges while racing against the clock, and other challengers. Our Philippines sailing trips will challenge you physically, mentally, and provide you with a unique experience worthy of such a unique and amazing country. Not to mention the fact that once your adventure ends, the stories you’ll tell upon returning home will be pretty amazing, too.

Philippines Travel

Philippines Travel is Like Nothing Else on Earth

There is no other country that has the unique blend of cultural diversity that exists in the amazing Philippines. That diversity is evident in Filipino food, dances, language, festivals, and native architecture. The Philippines is made of a cultural tapestry created by its own special history and geographical location. What’s more, our Philippines sailing trips are committed to responsible travel and designed to make meaningful contributions to the local communities. So, not only can you live out an amazing Philippines adventure, you can also add something positive to one of the most unique and magical countries in the world while helping to make it the amazing place that it truly is!

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