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May NEWS and more on COVID-19: Large Minority

Safe and well!

First off, we hope that wherever you are in the world you, your friends and family are safe and well. It’s a tough time for most but we will get through it together.

Second up, we’d like to apologise for not checking in with you all sooner. This whole COVID-19 thing has really taken the air out of our tyres, and, like the rest of the world, we’ve spent the last few months wondering what’s going to happen next.

Being in the travel industry has been particularly difficult. But like you, we want to get back on the road as soon as we can. We’re just not sure when that might be. But we do know that when it happens, we want you to get on it with us.

Until then, let’s address some of those burning questions you might have…

What’s happening with this year’s challenges?

You might have seen from our previous couple of posts that we’ve postponed our April Lanka Challenge to April 2021. We’ve put the brakes on our July Central Lanka Challenge too – that one’s likely to go ahead in July 2021. We’ve got a bit of extra time on our hands for the September Southern Lanka Challenge and India Tuk-Tuk Challenge (we’ll make a decision on them by the end of May), and we’ll have a better idea on whether we’ll run our October Cambo Challenge by the end of June.

What’s the go with deposits?

If you’ve already paid a deposit for a 2020 challenge, you can defer your trip with us for up to 24 months, and you can transfer your deposits to any of our 2021/22 adventures. All applicable discounts will apply, and entry fees will stay the same as those of 2020. The key word here is flexibility, tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

The big question: what’s next?

While the past few months have been some of the strangest times we have ever experienced, we’ve been doing more than just baking sourdough and doing jigsaws. We’re super excited to announce that we’ve got some NEW CHALLENGES on their way. In 2021, we’re launching trips in Italy and Pakistan (we know right, what a combo!). Watch this space for more info – these ones are going to be good and we’re keeping positive that the world will let us travel again by then.

And for tuk-tuk superfans (ie. those of you with your own tuk-tuks), we’re putting the finishing touches on a UK tuk-tuk trip – we’re tuk-cited to share these details with you soon. Did that line work? It’s better if you say it out loud.

And finally…

While it seems like the world has come to a standstill, it’s important to keep our eyes on the road. If you’re keen to come on an epic adventure with us, we’re still very much open for business, and are excited about travelling with you in 2021 (and who knows, maybe a cheeky road trip before that?)

Until we see you bumping along the coast in Sri Lanka, or zooming down a dirt road in India, why not Google ‘pimp my tuk-tuk’, bake another loaf of bread, and give your mum a call. She’ll appreciate it.

Last but not least. If you have any questions about any of the above, simply want to chat about adventures or maybe even sourdough recipes, we’re always here so don’t hesitate to reach out on +44(79)26167583 or