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Leticia, Colombia: the best place you’ve never heard of

What makes it unique?

Staying in a 5-star hotel, lazing around in a sunny beach and winding up your day with a cocktail is no longer much fun. It’s too much commonplace and it’s really not worth your time and money. If you are a free spirit looking for a unique experience that is sure to become a part of the family history, Travel to Leticia.

Unknown to many tourists, the city nestles in the banks of the Amazon River and borders Brazilian and Peruvian cities. It is considered one of the safest cities in Colombia thanks to the presence of a large military base. What is more interesting, however, is perhaps going deeper into the Amazon jungle where the most thrilling experience awaits you.

Amazon Challenge

Explore the Unknown

Nothing offers raw pleasure than the adventure of trekking through stretches and stretches of rainforest. However, the Amazon jungle is not just any other forest full of trees and bushes. You will get to discover cloud forest, virgin jungle and one of the most unique biodiversity. You will also get the unique opportunity to interact and share with Huitoto, Ticuna and Cocama indigenous communities.

Perhaps you are thinking about the possibility of getting lost in some of the darkest parts of the Amazon rainforest, watching as your supplies deplete and finally starve, unfound. Worse, you may be dreading the chance of making the acquaintance of some strange Amazon man-eating creature. You don’t have to worry. This won’t be the case.

Take Up the Challenge

All you have to do is join the Amazon Challenge, the most exciting, fun-filled and safe jungle adventure of the great Amazon jungle. You will be a part of sprightly and adventurous company whose single-minded mission is seeking raw fun in the best way possible—the natural way. You will walk traverse the Amazon rainforest by foot, learn how to use the blow-pipe and bow and arrow, ride in dugout canoes and kayaks as well as the legendary long boats only found in the Amazon.

Unlike regular Amazon tours, the Amazon Challenge adventure will give you an opportunity to put your ingenuity and any trick to use in order to reach your destination. With the dawn of each day, there will be a new challenge waiting to spice up the thrill of being in the jungle. When night falls, you will nestle into your hammock while the sound of wildlife lulls you to sleep.

Bottom Line

If you have not travelled to Leticia and explored the Amazon rainforest, you have no idea what you have been missing. Luckily, you have a chance to join the Amazon Challenge, discover unknown lands and have incredible fun while at it. However, no trip to any country can be complete without meeting the local people and having a taste of their culture. Leticia not only offers the diverse culture of the friendly and lively inhabitants of Colombia but also a chance to meet the neighbouring Brazilians and Peruvians.

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