Italy & Croatia - Our New Adventures for 2021! Taking bookings now

Why not try something completely different

… and join us on our next Italy Tuk Tuk Adventure this September!

After the very first Tuk Tuk adventure in July we can’t wait to head back to the better looking and just that tiny bit sexier Piaggio Ape, the ‘Italian Tuk Tuk’ and, of course, the Italian food and wine.

In July, we were a group of 9 finding our way around Italy with the new normal: social distancing, temperature checks and hand sanitiser – and it turned out great.

We got lost down idyllic country roads and were amazed by the rugged Northern Italian beauty while trying to complete challenges behind the wheel of the classic Piaggio Ape.

Funny chit-chat with locals, awkward situations trying to understand the menu, which were offered through QR codes in most restaurants to avoid physical contact, and a night at a vineyard were some of the highlights… and of course the food.  Who doesn’t love Italian food?

We saw Italy and it was great! Finding our way on backroads to that one restaurant that makes the best handmade linguine on the planet and that vineyard where they still crush their grapes barefoot to create the finest wine known to man just made this experience better. And of course the challenges created that extra bit of fun. We can’t have a Tuk-Tuk adventure without the challenges now can we?

David from Team Can’t Catch This says “Went on the inaugural Italy adventure and it was great. A previous customer from Sri Lanka and Cambodia so doing a convenient week long European trip was perfect for maximal holiday time. This trip was a great chance to enjoy Western niceties whilst still having the fun of the Tuk Tuks. The locals loved them, weather was great, as were the food and drink and the views and sites too. A great first timers option – take the plunge for something different!

You can hear more from a few other teams right here.

So will you ‘try something completely different’ and join us on our next Italy Tuk Tuk? We still have a few places left. Find out more here.

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