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You will find answers to a lot of your questions here. If you have more specific questions about one particular challenge, check out the FAQ page of your chosen adventure:

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A team is made up of either 2 or 3 people. Apparently there is no ‘I’ in it. You get one tuk tuk per team.

Unfortunately, no. Only because each leg will start from the hotel / over-night stop and the idea is to share our challenging travel experience together. Most importantly you wouldn’t want to miss out on each night’s social gatherings…

Yes, you’ve got to be at least 18 years old in order to compete. We don’t have a maximum age, but if you’re over 65 we definitely recommend checking with your insurer to make sure you qualify for the medical insurance you’ll need to take part. The Challenges are pretty physically tough – we won’t sugar-coat it. You should really only take part if you’re in good physical shape and your health is A-Okay.

That depends on the challenge and destination you chose. Check out the FAQs for your chosen adventure.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to strap suitcases to the roof of your tuk tuk or sailing boat. We’ve got a luggage truck or boat that will follow us around. Each morning you’ll load it up with your heavy bags, and each night we’ll hand it back at our hotel. For the camping nights, we recommend bringing a smaller bag to act as a day pack.

Don’t stress, they’re very friendly. If you can ride a bicycle that has a clutch and an engine, you can ride a tuk tuk. Besides, on the first day everyone gets mandatory tuk tuk driving instruction and safety training. You’ll have plenty of practice before hitting the open road.

To put it bluntly – yes. There will be an element of danger, if only because you’re sitting behind the handlebars of a three-wheeled tuk tuk, on top of 200CC of raw power, and tackling unfamiliar roads in a foreign country. That in itself is a bit risky. But don’t worry too much – if you’re sensible and cautious, you should be fine, and we have a fully trained crew to swing in if anything goes wrong. That includes an ambulance and paramedics on standby.

Warning: Tuk Tuks can easily roll and flip if not handled correctly. We take safety really seriously on these challenges, and you should know there are inherent risks involved, including potentially life-threatening situations.

Your humble steed will be handed over in road worthy conditions and from then onwards it is your responsibility to take care of any repair costs. Our team of mechanics will be at your disposal throughout the event and will assist you with this at a cost. Otherwise you can turn to the locals to help you out. But don’t worry spare parts are not that expensive!

The cost of repairs depends on how each teams looks after their vehicle. Naturally there is a small amount of wear and tear on these type of events, but you will only be charged for parts that are damaged or need to be replaced. There will be a full vehicle inspection prior to handing over your tuk tuk. On average, the cost of repairs ranges from £ 40-120 per team.

Whoa there, speed racer. These bad boys can’t really get over 50kph. The average speed should be around 35kph. Fast enough to get the blood racing, but not so fast you hit a cow. That’s the sweet spot.

We try to stick to the original route and accommodation as much as possible, but they can be subject to change from time to time.

If possible, try not to do this. One of our registration requirements is to pay (or better block the amount off your credit card) a refundable deposit of £1,500 per team. This will (ideally) cover you for most touch ups and accidents, although if the tuk tuk is a complete write-off the bill might increase. At the end of the Challenge we’ll inspect the vehicle, come to an agreement, and return any balance to you before you leave Sri Lanka. A pretty standard car-hire type system, really.

Yes and your team entry fee includes an Emergency & Medical travel insurance for the duration of the Challenge. If you’d like to get additional travel insurance to cover things such as luggage loss and flight cancellation etc., we’ve got a few companies we’ve used before and can recommend. If you’re an EU resident, try Campbell Irvine.

Everyone who competes has to provide us with a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) with a Category B stamp. Sorry to be old bossy boots, but if you show up and can’t produce the license, we can’t let you compete (we also reserve the right to without a refund). 

Third party insurance is included under the hire of the tuk tuk. Scratch as many Ferraris as you want (please don’t actually do this).

Definitely! We love to see teams going the extra mile to raise money for charity. Just be aware that the tuk tuks we use have limited branding space (we take up some for our own branding purposes). If you need more info on this, just let us know.

Easy peasy. You check out the different adventures, choose a challenge, sign up and pay your initial deposit.

Once you’ve done all that successfully, we’ll send you an email with lots of exclamation marks confirming your team’s availability.

30 days before the Challenge.

No. If you have any concerns regarding this we do offer post payment options so please contact us directly for more information regarding this.

You can read our Ts & Cs here.