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Large Minority Podcast with Mike Corey

“I REALLY FELT WE WERE OUT THERE LIVING THE TRUE AMAZON EXPERIENCE” Mike Corey In this episode, I sat down with Mike Corey, a Canadian adventure travel YouTuber and TV host. I spoke to him about his memories of our Amazon challenge in the Colombian Amazon, and what that journey was like for him. I […]

Forget Beach Holidays—Here Are 8 Travel Experiences for the 30+ Adventurer

The Ultimate Bucket List Amazon Adventure From Large Minority Travel

Amazon Rainforest via Colombia, Peru & Brazil 7 nights. 10 teams. 20 Challengers. Daily Challenges include Indigenous Olympics & Piranha Fishing DRAFT XX Feb 2019: Responsible travel company Large Minority presents The Amazon Challenge with bookings now open for 2-9 November 2019. Nail that resolution to travel more with the ultimate jungle adventure. Whether taking […]

8 Travel Experiences for the 30+ Adventurer

Forget Beach Holidays—Here Are 8 Travel Experiences for the 30+ Adventurer

There are plenty of reasons to skip the beach this year and challenge yourself with adventure… Active holidays reinvigorate you—give you a whole new perspective on life. In one incredible journey, you challenge yourself, give your physical and mental health a lift, and feed that hungry wanderlust beast inside you. Better still, you learn to […]

the adventurists packing guide amazon adventure

The ultimate adventure travel packing guide

Amazon Adventure Travel Deciding what to pack for Amazon adventure travel requires more forethought than planning a lazy beach vacation. For instance, Jungles are special places, and that means needing specific gear so you can focus on being in the moment without worrying about what you did or didn’t pack. We’ve put together the adventurists […]

Amazon Jungle Adventure

Amazon Jungle Adventure, What’s it All About?

What is this Amazon Jungle Adventure all about? The Large Minority Amazon Jungle Adventure Challenge is about taking a step out of the mundane everyday and plunging into a life-changing adventure. It’s trekking through jungle and rainforest under the watchful eyes of the local wildlife. It’s kayaking along rivers and spending time immersed in a […]

Amazon Challenge Jungle Adventure

Leticia, Colombia: the best place you’ve never heard of

What makes it unique? Staying in a 5-star hotel, lazing around in a sunny beach and winding up your day with a cocktail is no longer much fun. It’s too much commonplace and it’s really not worth your time and money. If you are a free spirit looking for a unique experience that is sure […]

Amazon Challenge Jungle Adventure

The ultimate Amazon jungle trip guide

How to survive the Amazon Rainforest? Rainforests are serious places. And the Amazon Rainforest – owing to its scale, climate and inhabitants – is probably the most serious rainforest of them all. That is, it’s seriously awesome but also seriously serious, so entering this most serious place without at least some basic pointers is a […]

Epic adventure destinations

Epic adventure destinations

Epic adventure destinations – Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Philippines, Amazon. What makes an adventure destination suitably ‘epic’? For starters, it helps if it’s a long way away. People automatically associate distance with daring, and if you casually drop ‘Oh yeah, I’m hitting up the Peruvian Amazon for my vacation this year, how about you?’ into the conversation, […]

4 active vacations for adventure seekers

4 active vacations for adventure seekers

Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Philippines & Peruvian Amazon People think adventure seekers are all adrenaline junkies, but we’ve found most of them are just looking to shake up their routine. Maybe break out of a rut. Do something surprising or unexpected. Push their boundaries a little. For some people that’s jumping off high things with a GoPro […]

Amazon Travel Challenge

Amazon Travel Challenge: your jungle adventure

What to expect on our Amazon Jungle Adventure Challenge. It’s wilderness straight out of an Attenborough documentary, named after female warriors and representing more than half the planet’s remaining rainforest: The Amazon. For centuries it’s attracted explorers, travellers and the merely badly lost. Sometimes for the lure of Inca gold, sometimes for hidden tribes or […]