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LM Podcast

The Large Minority Podcast – Tuk-Tuk Adventures and Travel stories

Yes, that’s right, we are delighted to say we’ve started our very own podcast, and we would love it if you dropped in for a listen. What is Large Minority all about? What is a tuk-tuk adventure? Why do we love tuk-tuks so much and why do we think they are such amazing vehicles and […]

A message from our co-founder

2020 Huh? Wowza, where to start…… and it’s already February 2021! On a very personal level, adventures and business aside, 2020 was by far the toughest year of my life as I lost my father in January 2020. Thankfully I was by his side when he passed away at our home in Kenya and I […]

COVID-19 NHS discounts for adventure holidays

COVID-19 Discounts for NHS and all healthcare professionals. Hi wonderful people. How’s lockdown treating everyone? As we all know the world is facing tough times with over two thirds of the world’s population in lockdown. As I write this there have been over 1.2 million cases, 70’000 deaths and more than 250’000 recovered** . Crazy, […]

Rickshaw challenge run

BBC Top Gear Coincides with Lanka Challenge 10 Year Anniversary

BBC Top Gear Coincides with Lanka Challenge 10 Year Anniversary 18 February 2019: Responsible travel company Large Minority celebrates 10 years of high-octane fun in their flagship destination Sri Lanka with 10% early bird discounts and 10% donations to local charities. Adventure lovers from all over the globe can now hit Top Gear on the […]

Forget Beach Holidays—Here Are 8 Travel Experiences for the 30+ Adventurer

The Ultimate Bucket List Amazon Adventure From Large Minority Travel

Amazon Rainforest via Colombia, Peru & Brazil 7 nights. 10 teams. 20 Challengers. Daily Challenges include Indigenous Olympics & Piranha Fishing DRAFT XX Feb 2019: Responsible travel company Large Minority presents The Amazon Challenge with bookings now open for 2-9 November 2019. Nail that resolution to travel more with the ultimate jungle adventure. Whether taking […]

8 Travel Experiences for the 30+ Adventurer

Forget Beach Holidays—Here Are 8 Travel Experiences for the 30+ Adventurer

There are plenty of reasons to skip the beach this year and challenge yourself with adventure… Active holidays reinvigorate you—give you a whole new perspective on life. In one incredible journey, you challenge yourself, give your physical and mental health a lift, and feed that hungry wanderlust beast inside you. Better still, you learn to […]

the adventurists packing guide amazon adventure

The ultimate adventure travel packing guide

Amazon Adventure Travel Deciding what to pack for Amazon adventure travel requires more forethought than planning a lazy beach vacation. For instance, Jungles are special places, and that means needing specific gear so you can focus on being in the moment without worrying about what you did or didn’t pack. We’ve put together the adventurists […]

Lanka Challenge Tuk Tuk

Active holidays; tuk tuk rally, sailing race, adventure jungle challenge

Active Holidays: Choose Your Adventure Why Choose Active Holidays? There are plenty of reasons to get up from that couch and embark on an adventure. Active holidays give you the opportunity to reinvigorate yourself and view life from a brand new perspective. All at once, you can challenge yourself, improve your physical and mental health […]

Lanka Challenge tuk tuk challenge

What makes Sri Lanka so gosh-darn amazing?

Did we just say amazing? Sri Lanka is not just another tourist destination. Scenic landscapes, hypnotising stretches of tea plantations, nostalgic colonial hill stations and historical ruins are just but a part of the description of a country that offers some of the most enchanting treasures for travelers. To crown it all, it is inhabited […]

Cambo Challenge tuk tuk challenge

Here’s why you need to see Cambodia by tuk tuk

Why drive around Cambodia…in a tuk tuk? If you haven’t been to Cambodia yourself, you’ve probably got friends who’ve been. And if your friends haven’t been, they’ve probably got friends who’ve been. What you probably haven’t got, however, is friends who’ve travelled around Cambodia in a tuk tuk (your friends probably don’t have friends who’ve […]