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Amazon Travel Challenge: your jungle adventure

What to expect on our Amazon Jungle Adventure Challenge.

It’s wilderness straight out of an Attenborough documentary, named after female warriors and representing more than half the planet’s remaining rainforest: The Amazon. For centuries it’s attracted explorers, travellers and the merely badly lost. Sometimes for the lure of Inca gold, sometimes for hidden tribes or endangered species, but always, always, for adventure. We couldn’t think of a better place to set a classic Large Minority Amazon Travel Challenge.

Amazon travel isn’t easy. There’s carnivorous piranha, mosquitoes the size of puppies and a whole jungle full of critters to watch out for. But we’ve taken care of all the logistics and planning, and our local contacts will make sure you push yourself without pushing your luck. Want to know what’s in store? Here’s a teaser:

Why The Amazon?

Because if you’re going to stage an Amazing Race-style jungle challenge, you go to the most jungliest jungle of them all. The Amazon rainforest is the lungs of the world. The trees here, despite unfortunate deforestation, pump out about 20% of the world’s oxygen. It’s a place cloaked in mystery. There are still lost tribes like the Bujiwa and the Nivarua that have hardly come into contact with the outside world. Beneath the dense canopy you’ll find the most ridiculous natural diversity on the planet. One in every ten species of animal in the world calls The Amazon home. It’s like the Great Barrier Reef with the wow factor cranked up to 11. And those animals include the sort that movies starring Ice T are made of: piranhas, anaconda, tarantulas, vampire bats etc. The cool kinds. So in summary…remote, untouched wilderness, a thriving tribal culture and more animals than a George Orwell novel. What’s not to like?

Amazon Travel Challenge Adventure

Where is the challenge set?

Don’t worry, we don’t just give you a compass in Lima, point you due East and say ‘See you on the other side’. The Amazon is vast, in fact it covers nearly 3,000,000 square miles. But for our Amazon challenge, we’ve decided to focus on one area in particular: The Amazon’s Golden Triangle ‘Tres Fronteras’. The place is called Leticia (no-one knows why – seriously) and it’s on the Amazon River at the point where Colombia, Peru and Brazil meet. By Amazon standards it’s a booming metropolis. By any other place’s standards it’s a ramshackle frontier town with one airstrip and a definite ‘middle of nowhere vibe’ – the perfect launching pad for our Amazon travel challenge. You’ll start your challenge with the other teams in Leticia, but your quest will take you far out into the surrounding jungle.

Amazon Travel Challenge Adventure

What’s the deal? What will I have to do?

You wanted life-changing Amazon travel? Well here it is. Starting in Leticia, you’ll head out with the other teams for 8 days of epic jungle adventure. It’s not a race per say (there are no prizes for first place), but it is a challenge. You’ll move along the Amazon River, from Colombia to Brazil, using dugout canoes and completing tasks along the way. One day it might be blow-pipe and archery skills, the next fishing for piranhas or spotting caimans by torchlight beneath the trees (pro tip: look for the glowing eyes). We’ll mix up the accommodation too so it’s not all mosquitos and mud. You’ll get to experience jungle life at its most raw (think hammocks beneath the rainforest canopy), but we’ll also put you up for a few nights in hotels and small guesthouses along the river. This is a challenge, but it should still be fun, right?

Amazon Travel Challenge Adventure

Ready? Get set. Go.

We think that’s about enough info to get you interested. If you want to find out more about our Amazon adventure, get in touch. We promise it’ll be the best decision you ever make (apart from the Super Strength Mosquito Repellent – that’s a good one too). If you’re all set and ready to go register here.

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