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Amazon Jungle Adventure, What’s it All About?

What is this Amazon Jungle Adventure all about?

The Large Minority Amazon Jungle Adventure Challenge is about taking a step out of the mundane everyday and plunging into a life-changing adventure. It’s trekking through jungle and rainforest under the watchful eyes of the local wildlife. It’s kayaking along rivers and spending time immersed in a culture that has nothing to do with your own. Amazon Challenge is an opportunity to push yourself, to test your limits, and to reap the rewards of living life to the fullest.

Amazon Jungle Adventure

Where Will I Travel To?

The starting point of your travel to the Amazon is Leticia, on the Amazon River where the borders of Colombia, Peru and Brazil meet. This area, ‘Tres Fronteras,’ is The Golden Triangle of the Amazon. From there, your route will take you to various locations where you will be immersed in the local culture and communities. 87 kilometers from Leticia in Amazon Colombia is Puerto Nariño, home of the indigenous rainforest Ticuna tribe which lies on the shore of the Amazon River. You’ll rest for the night in a hammock in Sacambu. Your adventure travelling to Leticia and the rest of Amazon Colombia is so far removed from civilization as we know it. Your journey will take you to hidden away corners of the world that are home to the vibrant cultures such as the Huitotos and Yucunas. Not to mention the hundreds of species of reptiles and mammals. The best part of all this is, your accommodations at each location will be arranged by Large Minority and your entry fee goes toward helping out the local communities, so you get to do some good not just for yourself, but for others, as well.

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Is it Difficult? What Kinds of Things Will I Do There?

It’s not easy. When we tell you it’s a challenge, we mean it. But, it’s nothing you can’t handle. The activities you’ll participate in during your Amazon Jungle Adventure are varied and unique to Amazon Colombia. One day, you’ll be bird watching, spotting pink dolphins, or fishing for piranhas. The next day, competing in the indigenous Olympics, doing archery, canoeing, swimming, and blow pipe competitions with your fellow adventurers. You’ll go on night walks for some nocturnal cayman spotting. Being in the jungle is not always comfortable. It is hot, humid, and there are a few pesky things like mosquitoes. However, sitting at home on the couch being cushy and comfy is not the stuff from which amazing stories are made.

Amazon Challenge

So, You Just Set Us Loose on a Jungle Adventure?

Not exactly. This isn’t a tour group where we babysit you all day, but we don’t just drop you in the middle of the jungle, either. The Large Minority co-founders will be out there with you and your fellow adventurers for 8 days and 7 nights. So, while it won’t be especially dangerous, it will be a challenge. To travel to the Amazon is like no other experience. It’s an adventure that will leave you forever changed.

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