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What makes our adventure trips adventurous?

For a lot of travel companies, what makes adventure trips adventurous is turning up in a North Face jacket and rolling the dice with some questionable buffet meat. But if that’s the most fun we can have with adventure – especially in an age where hoverboards are a thing – we may as well hang up our replica Indiana Jones hats in shame. We have failed Harrison Ford and all the swashbuckling things he stood for.

At Large Minority, an adventure trip still means just that: an adventure. The kind where you may not always know what’s going to happen next. The kind where you have to think and do things and adapt and challenge yourself. Here’s what sets us apart from the other guys:

  1. We challenge you. But not in an inspirational poster way.

An adventure challenge isn’t like other challenges you see on TV. You don’t have to ‘find the real you’ or eat a lot of bran. It’s more about putting you in a travel situation where you have to actually interact with the world. It might be driving a tuk tuk across Sri Lanka, or paddling dugout canoes down the Amazon…all by yourself. It’s like ten-pin bowling with the bumpers removed. Scratch that – it’s like the world with the bumpers removed. Gutterball or strike, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

adventure trips

  1. You can make your travel mean something

Making our travel meaningful was something we wanted to do right from the start. Not just a personal challenge, but a charity challenge. Since 2009 we’ve teamed up with a bunch of different charities and local NGOs in Sri Lanka and Cambodia, helping to raise over USD 76,000 for worthy causes in the places we visit. Ten per cent of every trip we sell goes towards these local projects, and our activities are geared towards supporting local business. If you’re gonna travel, you may as well do it right.

  1. Making the impossible possible

You know when Buzz Lightyear says ‘To infinity and beyond’? He really believes that stuff.  Well we really believe this: that we can make the impossible possible. If you think you can’t navigate your own way through Cambodia or The Philippines, you’re wrong. If you think you can’t fish for piranhas or survive in the Amazon jungle, you’re wrong. This stuff is difficult, sure (it wouldn’t be a challenge if it wasn’t), but it’s not impossible. Not with help, and on-the-ground support, and a big scoop of old fashioned courage.

  1. You get ready-made best friends

On a Large Minority adventure trip, you spend the day completing challenges and generally being awesome. The nights are for meeting your fellow adventurers. Although you’ll be travelling mostly with your team, we’ve designed the itineraries to draw together multiple groups at certain stops along the way. It might be a hammock campground in the Amazon jungle, or a beach resort in the Philippines. You can swap stories, compare strategies and brag within normal limits. Plus when the adventure is over, you’ve got a crew of future besties ready to go. That’s what travel is all about.

adventure trips

  1. We mix things up

Getting muddy when you have a hot shower to look forward to is fun. Getting muddy when all you have to look forward to is more mud is no fun at all. That’s why we mix up our accommodation. Some nights you’ll be kicking it with locals in some pretty ‘out there’ places (think a riverside campground or a Chambok homestay in Cambodia); other nights you’ll be living it up like Kanye in hand-picked resorts and boutique hotels. We don’t use the big chains though – it’s better to keep the dollars in local pockets. A bit of camper, a bit of pamper: that’s how we roll.

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