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Adventure challenge or regular holiday?

Here at Large Minority we think our adventure challenges are pretty awesome, but understand a few of you might need a little convincing. Why go on a regular, average holiday when you can instead take an adventure challenge and spend all your time completing crazy tasks, learning new skills and helping others? Read on to find out exactly what you will get out of a tuk tuk, rickshaw or sailing adventure challenge.

Holidays are not meant to be ‘relaxing’

Have you ever heard the phrase that a change is as good as a rest? We can guarantee that your adventure holiday will be nothing like your everyday life at home, which means you’ll return to work feeling invigorated. Not just this, but when you collapse into bed at some of the best boutique hotels Cambodia has to offer, you’ll feel like you really earnt it.

Trips should be spent having quality time together

You can lounge around a pool or go sightseeing together, but if you really want to make a connection or rediscover a bond you should complete a challenge as a team. Nothing is more satisfying than the sense of achievement shared and you’ll go home feeling closer than ever.

Being abroad means meeting new people

Adventure Challenge

Whether it’s the locals or the travellers on the teams you’re competing with, you’ll find there are plenty of people to get to know on your adventure challenge. Many of the tasks you are asked to complete along your journey involve interacting with native Cambodians, Filipinos and Sri Lankans, while the evenings are the perfect time to reflect on the day’s events with your fellow challengers. These are the kind of friendships that really last.

Vacations are for trying new things

Coming back from a holiday having learnt how to windsurf is one thing, but what about becoming proficient at sailing or being able to say you drove 1000km on a  tuk tuk? These are the out-of-the-ordinary qualifications that come with going on an entirely different trip, setting challenges apart from normal holidays.

Travel should give something back to the community

It’s all well and good using the tourist pound in a destination, but signing up for the likes of the Cambo or Amazon Challenge ensures that you are doing more than just that. Not only does Large Minority use local providers, but ten per cent of the money you pay for the experience goes to meaningful projects – boom!

Adventure challenges will help you surprise yourself

We can all become stuck in a rut and sometimes you need a holiday, but on other occasions, you need something so much more. A sailing adventure, jungle survival challenge or rickshaw escapade could be just the thing to help you realise your potential – you never know what you’re capable of until you push yourself.

Holiday snaps should make everyone jealous

It used to be travellers’ tales, but now it’s Facebook and Instagram. However you prefer to make your friends and family jealous, a Large Minority challenge will certainly give you the ammunition to do it – so sign up now.

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