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Active Holidays: Choose Your Adventure

Why Choose Active Holidays?

There are plenty of reasons to get up from that couch and embark on an adventure. Active holidays give you the opportunity to reinvigorate yourself and view life from a brand new perspective. All at once, you can challenge yourself, improve your physical and mental health while feeding that hungry sense of wanderlust. Adventure travel teaches you how to deal with the unexpected, to adapt to various situations, and upon returning home again, you’ll have a profound and life-changing sense of achievement that you just can’t get from hanging around doing nothing on a beach.

Cambo Challenge Tuk Tuk Active Holidays

Why Not Try the Tuk Tuk Challenge?

Or, perhaps you’re now asking, “What’s a tuk tuk and why is it challenging me?” Think of a rickshaw that’s a bit less labor intensive. These three-wheeler rickshaws are a popular mode of transport in African and Asian countries and are one of the best ways to explore an unknown country. Taking the tuk tuk challenge means taking an epic road trip in the open air and off the beaten path around Sri Lanka or Cambodia. Make stops where you like. Take in fantastic sights and breathe in new smells while making amazing memories connecting with locals in a way that goes well beyond the average tourist experience.

Lanka Challenge Tuk Tuk Active Holidays

Take a Sailing Adventure if Dry Land isn’t Your Thing

If you want to test out your sea legs, a Philippines Sailing Adventure is the way to do it. After you board you skippered ‘paraw’ tri-maran, you’ll be off on one of the most exciting active vacations there is. You’ll sail around beautiful islands, taking part in sea and island based adventure challenges like climbing up coconut trees, fishing for your dinner, all while making meaningful contributions to the Phillipines and leaving a positive impact behind you. Although, you might be a bit wobbly once you’re on land again. Think of regaining your land legs as a mini-adventure. Wobbling is part of the fun.

Philippines Sailing Adventure

Or, Go On the Ultimate Jungle Adventure

One of the most incredible active holidays is without a doubt, the Amazon Challenge. Snuggled between Colombia, Peru and Brazil, in the golden triangle of the Amazon, the city of Leticia is hiding. This city is your gateway to a jungle adventure where you’ll use kayaks, dugout canoes, and Amazonian long boats to travel through some of the least-visited areas of the Amazon. You’ll be doing a fair amount of trekking, too, in case you wer worried that it might be too easy. Over the course of 8 days and 7 nights, you’ll sleep under the night sky in your hammock while the sounds of the jungle lull you into sleep. The Amazon jungle adventure challenge is one of the most exciting, unforgettable active vacations you can take. No matter which of these active holidays is calling out to you the loudest, it’s likely that once you’ve had one adventure, it won’t be enough. Once you dream bigger and live louder, it can be addicting.

Amazon Challenge Piranha

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