Italy & Croatia - Our New Adventures for 2021! Taking bookings now

A message from our co-founder

2020 Huh? Wowza, where to start…… and it’s already February 2021!

On a very personal level, adventures and business aside, 2020 was by far the toughest year of my life as I lost my father in January 2020. Thankfully I was by his side when he passed away at our home in Kenya and I know he’s in a better place, probably looking down on this planet with a wry smirk while we all decide how to carry on with life and try to get back to some sort of normality. I would also like to extend my own thoughts to those who may have lost a loved one over the past year.

Owning a travel business has definitely tested our resolve over the past 12 months and we are certainly not out of the woods just yet. The global travel industry is facing its biggest challenge of my lifetime, and as I have alluded to already, I am also all too aware that our industry challenges pale in comparison to those families and workers on the front line and dealing with those affected by the pandemic, not least those with limited support from governments and healthcare systems, many of whom are our own local friends and partners that have been directly affected.

On a more positive note, one thing that has not waivered is my love of tuk-tuks and road trip adventures. In some ways COVID has allowed us to look closer to home; we managed to soft launch a new tuk-tuk adventure in Italy, and despite a worldwide pandemic, we managed to run 2 brand new adventures in Northern Italy in July and September last year. Funnily enough, the same exhilaration and adventure that can be found by driving yourself around in an oversized lawnmower in Asia can also be found while doing the same in Italy. Perhaps a slightly sexier version of a tuk-tuk (they are called Apés in Italy) and are convertible, no less! We plan to run a few of these adventures this summer, so if you, or your friends, or anyone you know for that matter fancies a little adventure in Italy please hit me up immediately. We can’t wait to show you Italy in our own Large Minority style.

We have also spent the last year strengthening the Large Minority team, completely revamping and relaunching our website, and planning exciting trips to amazing new destinations. More details to follow.

2021 and Beyond…

While I’d love to say that 2021 will be back to normal in no time, unfortunately the reality is that we are still a way off any level of certainty. With a worldwide vaccination drive in full swing  I don’t think it will be until at least 2022 before we are close to any sense of normality. While we hope to run as many adventures as possible it is looking like our first Sri Lanka, India, Cambodian adventures won’t happen until the end of this year at the earliest. Naturally we continue to monitor the COVID situation in all of our destination countries and are in constant contact with the Large Minority staff there. We are being as flexible as we can, all new bookings are fully transferable to any of our 2021/22 adventures while if an adventure is cancelled or postponed because of COVID, all deposits can be refunded. Full details of our revised booking terms and conditions are available on our website Full details of our new and revised booking policy can be found here. We will keep you updated about all of our adventures as things become clearer and borders begin to reopen.

I personally cannot wait to get back on the road as soon as things open up again and countries welcome back visitors. When we do, I am really looking forward to personally welcoming you on one of our adventures. Here’s to a much better 2021 and an amazing 2022. Onwards and upwards.

Julian, and the Large Minority team.