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5 tips to help you win the Philippines Sailing Challenge

How to win the Philippines Sailing Challenge.

The inaugural Philippines Sailing Challenge is just around the corner. So for those lucky pioneers who’re joining us for this adventure of a lifetime, we thought we’d throw together 5 tips to help you win the Philippines Sailing Challenge. That’s not to say it matters if you win or lose – it’s the taking part that counts, of course. But having a few tricks up your sleeve can’t hurt if you want finish at the top of the pile.

5 tips to help you win the philippines sailing challenge

1. Trust thy skipper

First things first: your skipper knows what’s up. By listening to their advice and following their lead, you’ll do yourself innumerable favours and stand yourself in good  stead  to  snatch  a  place  on  the  podium  from  the  word  go.  These  guys  are  your lifeline. Actually, your life jacket is your lifeline. But these guys are really useful: use or lose them.

2. Don’t lose your cool

Things will go wrong. Things will get hectic. You will probably get stressed from time to time. When an issue arises – no matter how big or small – it’s important to take a deep breath and chill your beans. No matter how big the set back, the only option is to keep pushing forwards, to maintain good communication with your  teammates  and  to  work  together.  And  don’t  forget:  you’re  in  paradise.  Nothing’s going to be that bad.

3. Bond with your fellow challengers

You might all be competing against one another, but that doesn’t mean you and your fellow Philippines Sailing teams won’t be able to help each other out along the way. Whether it’s giving one another pointers for challenges, going round for round at the bar, or helping one another roll your stinking hangovers out of your hammocks in the morning. Plus, if you’re mates with everyone – you’ll be happy for the winning team regardless. All for one, one for all.

4. Read up on some sailing basics

You don’t need to know a lot. But learning the ropes (literally) won’t hurt. Do a Google  search  for  ‘sailing  basics’ and you’ll  be  doing  yourself  a  favour.  You  wouldn’t drive a tuk-­‐tuk without formal training, would you? Would you!?

5. Bribe Julian and Juan

Although  they  may  look  like  upright  individuals,  Julian  and  Juan  – your  Large  Minority co-­‐founders – are as crooked as they come. If you want some tips along the  way  to  help  you  get  one-­‐up  on  the  other  teams,  shouting  them  a  couple  of  beers won’t hurt. That said, there’s no guarantee they’ll actually impart with the information. They only thing guaranteed is that they like beer. And out of the 5 tips to help you win the Philippines Sailing Challenge, this should become your number 1 priority.