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5 types of people on your adventure challenge

Everyone gets something different out of doing an adventure challenge, but one thing will unite you all – friendship. All kinds of adventure seekers take part in Large Minority trips and we reckon there are at least five profiles that will match those that you meet. So whether you fit in with the adrenaline junkies or the once-in-a-lifetime crew, expect to make some new friends along the way.

1. Adrenaline junkies

These guys and girls have been there and done that, picking up some pretty awesome stories along the way. They don’t feel alive unless they’re jumping out of a plane or undertaking some mad race. Are we surprised they were drawn to Philippines, Lanka and Cambo challenges then? Not at all.

It may seem a bit annoying at first that they’ve had a more exciting life than you, but you’ll soon see that you’re part of the club too. There’s lots to learn from the way they approach situations and embrace even the most unusual local customs. Their experience means they don’t get phased; they’re just enjoying the ride.

2. Party animals

Party animal

No matter how quiet the village seems to be when you rock up, these adventure seekers will always find a party. They lead the way on the karaoke and are the last clutching a bottle of Angkor beer at the end of the night. Party animals are great to have around, because we all need to let our hair down after a long day sailing or driving a tuk tuk and these folks are the ones to help us do it.

The true miracle about party animals though, is that they’ll still be ready and raring to go in the morning. No hangover in sight, you won’t see their tuk tuk for dust.

3. Once-in-a-lifetime adventurists

It’s said that Large Minority expeditions are the adventure of a lifetime and for some people, the Lanka Challenge will be the craziest thing they ever do. It could be they are saying goodbye to their 20s and are thinking about settling down or perhaps they’ve never been out of Europe before. Whatever the reason for embracing adventure, it’ll be one to tell the grandkids.

4. Competitive challengers

adventure seekers

If you’ve ever heard the phrase it’s not the winning; it’s the taking part, you’ll probably know that this does not apply to everyone. For some people it is all about the winning and there’s something about adventure challenges that really brings out their competitive nature.

This means they’ll pull out all the stops to get an advantage on the other teams. Good luck if you’re riding with them and just as much luck if they are your opponents.

5. Boundary pushers

As a direct contrast to the competitive challengers, boundary pushers are not there necessarily to win, but to prove to themselves they can do it. At first glance, you’ll wonder what made them step out of their comfort zone, but after a few chats you’ll realise it’s great that they did. They’ll surprise themselves and do things they never ever dreamed they could.

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