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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kandy Highland Sri Lanka

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kandy Highland, Sri Lanka

Temple Kandy Sri Lanka

Nestled in the plateau city of Kandy in central Sri Lanka, Kandy Highland is a paradise getaway surrounded by mountains, tea plantations, and a rainforest known for its biodiversity. So in this post let’s look at 3 reasons why you must visit this stunning location.

1 – Its Location is Perfect for Nature Lovers

Kandy Highland is just 30 minutes away from Kandy City, and it’s situated high enough from the city to provide you with serene views of the surrounding mountain forests – whether you’re having lunch or lounging in your gorgeous bedroom. If the weather permits, you might even get treated to a view of the sea of clouds that frequently envelops the surrounding wilderness. Luxury amenities and the scenic natural beauty of the Sri Lankan mountains provide a Southeast Asian experience like no other.

2 – It’s Nearby Sri Lanka’s Cultural Treasures

Any journey into Sri Lanka would not be complete without visiting their natural cultural treasures. Kandy Highland hotel is just 900m away from the Ceylon Tea Museum. There, you can witness the entire process of making the world-renowned brew: how the plants are grown and cared for, and how they are harvested, processed, and packaged. The visit culminates in visitors having a taste of the final product.

Another nearby location is the Temple of the Sacred Tooth, which houses one of the most significant Buddhist relics in the world: an actual tooth of the Buddha. Lonely Planet suggests that the golden-roofed temple is open to tourists and devotees alike, and although you won’t actually get to see the tooth itself (which is kept in a gold casket) you will be able to take a stroll through the shrines, museums, temples, and the revered main temple inside the huge complex. The free audio guides at the ticket office can also provide you with context on the importance of each religious site that you visit.

3 – It’s Close to Classic Movie Locations

Film buffs rejoice! A nice bonus to visiting Kandy Highland is that you’ll be able to pass by certain famous filming locations. The Culture Trip have listed some of the most significant filming spots in Sri Lanka, and it includes the huge rock wall from the hanging rope bridge scene in Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom. While the rope bridge isn’t there anymore, the big, beautiful rock wall in the middle of the jungle is not going anywhere anytime soon, and you can actually hike to the edge of the cliff for nice shots of the wall itself.

A visit to Kandy Highland in Sri Lanka will give you a clear idea of why Asia has always been very good at capturing the imagination of those in the entertainment industry. To this day, Asian themes and motifs still dominate fashion, music, and other significant aspects of our own culture. It always will be a popular location for films, television series, and games. That’s why movies like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom as well as The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli and Baloo were shot in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Apart from classic movies, Asian influence extends to all our digital spaces especially industries such as gaming. Foxy Bingo features an array of Asian inspired games, including Cheng Gong, Kites Kingdom and Thai Flower. These games focus on different areas of Asia and Asian culture. It is often through media (like films, music or games) that people become interested in Asia, and then seek to discover for themselves the charms of the continent.

There’s certainly no question that Asia has captured the world’s imagination, and you can get a much better understanding of this phenomenon by visiting one of Asia’s most scenic locations: the Kandy Highland in Sri Lanka. Who says relaxation and cultural education can’t go hand in hand? If you want a truly immersive experience in this beautiful country, we at Large Minority recommend you take the Lanka Challenge Rickshaw Adventure – a no-holds-barred trip that will have you driving a traditional tuk-tuk through Sri Lanka’s many interesting locations.